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Critical Thinking enables individuals to analyse information, evaluate arguments, and make well-informed decisions. It involves the ability to question assumptions, consider multiple perspectives, and weigh evidence objectively. Critical Thinking plays an important role in everyday life, such as for making consumer choices, participating in community discussions, and managing relationships.

In the Spotlight

Happenings in the School


In the latest Viper Cup Championship update, our boys’ football team secured a thrilling victory against the International School of Hyderabad, claiming the championship cup, while the girls’ volleyball squad celebrated a triumphant third place by defeating Aga Khan Academy. Additionally, Aarav earned the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for his ‘Top in India’ performance in Cambridge IGCSE Environmental Management, and Dhrutee continued her winning streak by triumphing in the HDTA Tennis Tournament and clinching the AITA Championship Series singles title. Congratulations to our talented students for their outstanding achievements!

Top in India in Cambridge IGCSE Environmental Management

Dhrutee's Victory Streak

Viper Cup Championship

Teacher’s Corner



Science Teacher

Joanna reflects on her journey with Sancta Maria, astounded by how much she has grown since she embarked upon it fresh out of her post-graduate studies in 2013. Initially hesitant and shy, she took tentative steps towards self-discovery, buoyed by the support and motivation of those around her, particularly the respected Arogya sir, whose words served as a guiding light towards commitment. Last year marked a decade since she joined Sancta Maria, a milestone she attributes to the encouragement she received.

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.” – by Albert Einstein: This quote encapsulates the idea that continuous learning is essential for personal growth and vitality. It resonates with Joanna’s eagerness to seek out new opportunities for learning and her belief in the importance of ongoing self-improvement.

Known primarily as a science teacher, Joanna’s approach to learning has always been characterised by curiosity, aiming to foster self-directed and independent learners. Over time, she evolved into the role of academic coordinator, acting as a vital link between the school and students’ homes. Engaging with young children in this capacity often sees her mediating in their disputes, offering counsel, and finding joy in the innocence of their interactions.

Among the students, Joanna is affectionately known as the kindest soul, her infectious smile bringing warmth wherever she goes. Among her team members, she is esteemed for her ability to remain composed under pressure, never losing her cool. This demeanour instils confidence in her team, who feel secure in confiding their fears and concerns to her.

Her journey continues, filled with endless possibilities, and Joanna is ready to embark on it with courage and determination.