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June Month

Welcome to a New Academic Year!

Principal’s Letter

Dear Parents and Families of Sancta Maria,

Welcome to a new school year brimming with endless possibilities, growth, and excitement!

It gives me immense joy to extend my warmest greetings as the newly appointed Principal of this prestigious institution. I, along with my team and all of you, commence on this journey of taking Sancta Maria a much more sought-after institution of choice. I am fully committed to fostering the success and well-being of every student at Sancta Maria.

The entire Sancta Maria team is excited to welcome our dear children back for the new academic year, as much as the children must be eager to return and make the campus lively and vibrant after the summer break.

Our 2023-24 cohort accomplished remarkable feats last year, notably our graduating classes, whose academic achievements and university admissions have served as sources of inspiration for many. I am delighted to announce our outstanding academic accomplishments in the recent March series of IGCSE and A-Level examinations.

Sancta Marians achieved a remarkable 100% pass rate at the IGCSE level, with 67% of students earning the prestigious ICE Distinction Award and 33% receiving the ICE Merit award. Additionally, our A-Level pass rate stands at an impressive 91%. Notably, two of our students attained the highest grade possible in their respective subjects at the A-Level.

Summer was a bustling season for us as some of our students visited NASA, where they had the privilege of meeting a current astronaut, Annie Fisher. Her stories of space exploration captivated everyone and inspired our students to dream big.

Our university placements are proceeding smoothly, with students gaining admission to prestigious institutions like Imperial College and several other renowned national universities. We will provide more details on this soon.

Campus maintenance has been underway at full throttle, with our dedicated administrative and support staff working tirelessly to ensure that every corner of our campus is in pristine condition, ready to welcome our students.

Each school possesses its own unique essence, and I observe that Sancta Maria’s character is particularly robust. It holds on to a simple ambition: “To be a school renowned for fostering exceptional learning experiences, where environment is safe, nurturing, stimulating, enabling students to excel academically, socially, and emotionally, thus unlocking their full potential.

In the forthcoming weeks and months, we have an array of exciting events, activities, and learning opportunities planned for our students. I encourage you to stay connected and engaged with our school community by attending events, volunteering your time, and participating in school activities.

I am enthused by the prospect of an exceptional academic year ahead, during which we will collectively endeavour to ensure our students reach new heights.

Warm regards,
Hema Sanjay

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Excellentia Academia: Excellence in Academics!

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Teacher’s Corner

Discovering the Magic: Early Years Exploration

In a Cambridge curriculum early years classroom, vibrant spaces foster holistic development. Child-centric setups include interactive learning corners, sensory play areas, and cozy reading nooks. Engaging activities align with Cambridge’s learning goals, ensuring that every child thrives in an environment designed to inspire curiosity and exploration. Child safety is paramount, and collaborative planning ensures dynamic educational experiences.

Collaborative Planning

Collaborative planning in early years involves educators, parents, and children working together to design enriching learning experiences. This approach integrates child-centered methods, flexible curriculum design, and reflective practice. Through shared responsibility and mutual respect, optimal development and positive outcomes for young learners are achieved in a supportive educational environment.

Teaching and Learning Approaches in Early Years

Play-based learning encourages active exploration and experimentation through play activities, while inquiry-based learning promotes questioning, investigation, and discovery to construct new knowledge. Constructivist approaches emphasize the learner’s active role in building understanding through hands-on experiences. Project-based learning engages learners in in-depth investigations and collaborative projects, and experiential learning provides real-world experiences to facilitate active learning. Holistic approaches integrate multiple domains of development, promoting active engagement and knowledge construction.

Effective Classroom Management

Effective classroom management in early years classrooms encompasses establishing clear expectations, routines, and boundaries. Utilizing positive reinforcement and engaging activities creates a nurturing environment conducive to learning and social-emotional development. By fostering a sense of security and respect, educators cultivate a foundation for lifelong learning and success.

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” – Denis Waitley
Sirisha Vakati

Early Years Teacher
Subject Lead – Science/Understanding the World

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